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12 Best Career to Consider for 2023
By Li Davis | 05/08/2023

Career Fitter posted the best chance of getting hired if you are pursuing any one of these 12 careers in 2023. Now Let’s look at the highest-paying careers that are growing the fastest and careers that will be hiring the most in 2023.

I am ready to mentor!
By Justin Yip | 12/06/2018

My blog is to let you know what I've been doing as a teacher.

It's all about what I'm doing for my students. I am teaching online and working on new projects to help other professionals gain the skills they need.

By Tracy 老师 | 06/03/2016
By Dr. Cliff M. | 03/09/2016

most students have a goal before they come to the US. but when they are here, as they learn about themselves, about the culture and career, they start questioning their original goals...

By Jonathan | 03/08/2016
Hottest Careers for College Graduates in 2018
By Dr. Cliff M. | 03/07/2016

Most of these jobs are traditional, and created by people retiring or leaving for the new fields. These are not the best fit for most Chinese students. But, they are a good reference.

By Zhouzhou He | 03/03/2016