12 Best Career to Consider for 2023

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1. Home Health and Personal Care Aide

Over 1 Million New Hires
This career shot up to #1 during the pandemic and has stayed there.  It has the highest projected hiring volume out of all careers, hiring 1,129,900 new Home Health and Personal Care Aides in the next 7 years.  

2. Chef

28,000 New Chefs Needed
head chef prepares foodIf you already love to cook for people, it’s time to make that pay.  The best part is - No College Degree Required!
Most Chefs learn their skills through work experience.  However, you can get training from select community colleges, technical schools, culinary arts schools, or 4-year colleges.
Your job is to choose the dishes to serve, oversee the daily food preparation, and direct the kitchen staff to handle any food-related concerns.  

3. Software Developer Quality Assurance Analyst

409,500 New Jobs
Software Developer-analyst writes on digital screenThis fast-growing career allows you to work from home on your laptop earning $110,000 per year.
Maybe as a user, you are always finding bugs in apps, and now you get paid to fix them. You will need a bachelor's degree, but you will be designing and running software tests to find problems and keep the world efficient.
You will be involved in the entire process of creating a software program. Developers start by asking the customer how they plan to use the software to identify the core functionality of the user's needs.

4. Medical and Health Services Managers

Projected 32% Increase in Hiring | Salary $80,000 +
medical health services manager talks to doctorIf you love the money and security of medical careers but would rather work a desk job around healthy people, you might consider a career as a Medical and Health Services Manager.  Your day-to-day activities behind the desk will be to plan, direct, and coordinate the business activities of healthcare providers. 
Start by taking a career assessment test to help you determine if you have the right work personality for this profession.
If you do, you will be helping medical professionals manage the business side of their practice and keep them organized. Sure, you will be busy pushing papers in the medical office and having meetings with doctors but not too busy to get to the bank and cash your hefty salary check totaling about $100,980 per year!

5. Nurse Practitioner

​​Projected 52% Increase in Hiring | $111,680 Per Year
A male nurse practitioner is giving a sad five year old little boy medicine on a spoon.It’s no surprise this “hero career” has stayed in the top 5 for 2023. You can expect to bring home about $111,680 per year and be honored as a person saving lives.
Nurse PractitionersNurse Anesthetists, and Nurse-Midwives are all commonly referred to as advanced practice registered nurses or APRNs.   They coordinate patient care and may provide primary and even specialty healthcare.

6. Animal Caretaker

Projected 29.9% Job Growth | Self Employed
man walking a group of dogsIf you're a natural with furry creatures, refer to your pets as "fur-babies", and love being around animals all day, a career as an animal caretaker may be the perfect fit. Each of the animals you are loving on will have different requirements. But, on average, you can expect to make about $28,000 a year and most people are self-employed. 
This could be a good transition career.  Set your own hours, work part-time, and build your business. As an animal caretaker, you'll be doing everything from grooming and pet sitting to helping at an animal shelter or dog daycare. 

7. Health Specialties Teachers | Postsecondary

Expected to Grow by 24.1% | Salary Average $100,000 +
professor teaching a class
If you enjoy instructing adults, this may be the career to consider. The average wage for a postsecondary education health specialty teacher is $102,720.

The majority of health specialty teachers work in colleges or universities. However, some work in medical hospitals, trade schools, or junior colleges. Depending on the field that you are teaching in, additional licensure and certifications will be required.

8. Information Security Analyst

31% Increase in Hiring | Earn $100,000 + Per Year
An information security analyst is working on a computerLove computers and problem-solving?
This job might hit the spot for you. As an Information Security Analyst, you will help companies secure critical data by coming up with solutions that prevent cyber attacks.
Using a brilliant combination of logic and creativity, you’ll assess security issues companies might face, develop defense plans, and create company awareness. 
By blocking hackers from gaining access to sensitive online information, you’ll help keep companies maintain online security. You will also get to implement protections such as firewalls and data encryption programs.

9. Logistician

Expected Growth of 27.7% | Average Salary $77,030
two men discuss boxes in a warehouseWith all the "supply chain" talk over the last couple of years, it's no surprise people are in demand for this career! 
Logisticians work with companies and organizations typically in the manufacturing sector, but sometimes with the federal government to ensure that their supply chain runs smoothly.  You basically help the companies get the supplies they need to make the products and then make sure those products get to the consumers.

10. Data Scientist

Growth of 35.8% | Average Salary $100,000 +
statistician looks at graphs and chartsDo you have a natural ability to absorb information, mentally digest it, figure out what it means, and communicate what you learned in a way that other people can understand? If yes, you might be perfect as a data scientist.
Our technology-loving culture is exponentially producing more and more data and information and companies are using that data to improve efficiency and profitability. But, it takes an analytical brain, computer skills, and passion for raw data to translate it into information that can be understood and acted on. Sure, some days you'll go home after work fuzzy-brained from thinking so much, but let your $100,910 a year (average salary) sooth your headache. 

11. Physician Assistant

Projected 31% Increase in Hiring
YoA physician's assistant is listening to a two year old little boys heart with a stethoscope.u’ll be called a doctor all day by accident for sure.  A Physician Assistant has its own school program. Most have a bachelor’s degree when they start the program and most programs are 2 to 4 years of undergrad work focusing on science.
However, when you get out of school it’s easier to pay off those school loans when you’re pulling in $112,200 per year – starting pay!
You’ll want to start with a program accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant, Inc.  Almost all of these accredited programs offer a master’s degree.

12. Transportation Driver

Expected to Grow by 28.5%
hands on steering wheelI'm sure by now you have taken an Uber or Lift or even had a ride in a limousine, but did you know drivers for these jobs are in hot demand? 
You won't need a college degree for this one but you will need a love for meeting strangers and giving random people rides.
Some of these gigs are even part-time with the flexibility to turn your app on and make money whenever you want. But being a driver for a larger company could be a full-time job that even offers benefits. Your employers could be anything from hotels needing to take people to the airport to a movie studio needing you to transport movie stars.

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