I am ready to mentor!

1st day with MentorX, 7th year as a mentor


Let me introduce myself. I'm the one in the middle. You can call me Justin. I am from the West Coast of America. I was born and grew up in San Francisco, California. The beach and the heart of the city were never too far away from my home. The cultural diversity of San Francisco also gave me an early awareness and acceptance of people from all sorts of different countries and backgrounds.

Reading, writing, grammar, and all the many aspects of the English language always came naturally to me. So, it made sense to study and get a degree in English at university.

After graduating, I set out to use my understanding of the English language to be a teacher of English as a subject and as a foreign language. Then, I started teaching corporate and business topics to English learners

I specialize in teaching English that is practical and useful to the learner. My teaching approach is student-centered. I will support and teach learners based on their wants, needs, and level.

In my free time I enjoy meditating, rock climbing, reading, writing/blogging, photography, traveling, and spending time with my wife and daughter.



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