US Job Market Trend for the Next 10 years

Highly skilled and mobilzed professionals are in high demand

Consulting is You know… when you work from home and service a small group of clients for a large amount of profit all while working on your own schedule Over 53 million Americans are doing freelance work, that’s over 34% of the entire US workforce - and -Forbes estimates it will rise to 50% before 2020.

Right now a huge shift is happening where traditional “full time jobs” are moving towards more casual, higher paid “consulting jobs”. Now you’re probably thinking; “Great, but what does this have to do with me?” ...Well, right now is the perfect time to move into the consulting game and stake your claim. And the truth is that the skills you already have from your employment history are probably more than enough to land some high value clients and beat the income that you can make with a full time job.

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