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Irvine, CA
April 2, 2016
H1b Sponsorship Unknown
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MentorX Corporation 蔓藤教育是美国第一家为中国留美学生专业提供实现留学目标、孵化国际化就业和创业人才的互联网教育咨询公司。MentorX应用人工智能和机器学习技术,为全球的新老留学生建立职业成长和终身学习的平台。蔓藤教育是一家well funded横跨中美的高科技人才发展平台。MentorX现诚聘Corporate MarCom Interns 2名。

工作性质:2016 internship

工作地点:Irvine, CA

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Write, proof and edit copy for print and online communications
  2. help develop online marketing strategy
  3. Update existing selling materials
  4. Support new product announcements
  5. assist in sales tradeshow events and calendar
  6. Help establish and maintain processes regarding collateral development and approval
  7. Assist with market research

Position Qualifications:

  1. Major in Marketing, Communications, Business, Advertising or related field in US top 50 universities
  2. Excellent writer in Chese
  3. Keen organizational and interpersonal skills
  4. Proficiency with Microsoft Office tools including Excel, Word and PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat
  5. Able to manage multiple projects, deliverables and deadlines simultaneously
  6. Work well under pressure and comfortable dealing with shifting priorities
  7. Ability to work with diverse personality styles and roles, from sales to engineering to client services and creative teams
  8. Able to work independently with minimal daily oversight

Position Compensation:

Salary commensurate with experience