Marketing Intern
Irvine, CA
Part Time
March 13, 2018
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Marketing Intern - Video Lecture Note Taker and Content Management (ALL majors)

MentorX is a career consulting and technology company headquartered in Irvine, California. MentorX employs the latest technologies to connect experienced industry mentors . The one-on-one career mentor sessions are designed for each student for which no school offers today. We are looking for students who are interested in learning career knowledge in the field that you study (Economics, Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, Engineering, Math/Statistics, etc.). You will be part of content marketing team transforming video resources into online content that will be viewed by thousand followers.

Job Description - Main duties and responsibilities

  • To provide an accurate and full account of the information conveyed in video lectures where it is necessary to take notes.
  • To summarize information based on lecture notes and agenda, and post content weekly.
  • To ensure notes are clear and comprehensive. This requires fast and accurate typing, accurate spelling and the ability to extract all relevant information from lecture material.
  • To work in a professional, helpful and flexible manner, maintaining confidentiality at all times.
  • To liaise with MentorX Marketing team on an ongoing basis, in order to monitor support, provide adequate notice if you are unable to submit notes and ensure notification of any changes to your availability for work or contact details.
  • To engage in training relevant to the role and occasional supervision/ team meetings where relevant.


  • Bilingual in English and Chinese Mandarin
  • Ideally with experience in the subject required for note taking or a similar field.
  • Accurate spelling and grammar skills
  • Ability to provide clear, succinct and relevant materials for students in their preferred format.
  • Good IT skills and access to a computer (notes often need to be typed up and formatted).
  • Ability to work on own initiative, independently and to deadlines
  • Well organised, punctual and reliable

Job Contact Information:

If you are interested, please send you email to: [email protected]