Machine Learning and NLP SW engineer
Irvine, CA
Full Time
Jan. 24, 2018
Sponsor H1b

MentorX Corporation 蔓藤教育是美国第一家为中国留美学生专业提供实现留学目标、孵化国际化就业和创业人才的互联网教育咨询公司。MentorX应用人工智能和机器学习技术,为全球的新老留学生建立职业成长和终身学习的平台。蔓藤教育是一家well funded横跨中美的高科技人才发展平台。

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Engage modern research areas while understanding complex business challenges
  • Design scientific solutions, manipulate large data sets, and employ cutting edge techniques to develop prototypes with transformational potential and value

Our ideal candidate should possess the following:

  • Master Degree in a relevant field (such as computer science, computational linguistics, or others), or Bachelor with 3+ years relevant work experience
  • Strong background in Natural Language Processing and text processing, including some of the following: information retrieval, topic clustering/modeling, knowledge extraction, knowledge DB building, question answering, active learning, document summarization
  • Strong background in Recommendation system
  • Ability to work with user organizations to understand needs and frame problems
  • Experience with social networks, such as analysis and/or visualization
  • Experience with both English and Chinese NLP
  • Demonstrated programming skills in relevant languages, including Python and Java
  • Experience with Big Data techniques (e.g. Hadoop, Spark, and other frameworks)
  • Extensive knowledge of data analytics and machine learning
  • Experience building end-to-end user-facing systems, including document processing, scalable and efficient machine learning techniques, visualization and UI/UX design