MENTORX: Education Counselor in Materials Engineering
Irvine, CA
Part Time
Dec. 5, 2018
Sponsor H1b

About Our Company:

MentorX provides a critical solution to address the most challenging problem that hinders the overseas Chinese students. The one-on-one sessions are designed for each student for which no school offers today. MentorX provides an indispensable part of learning for the college students and empowers them to be successful in the future.

Position summary:

  • Design and develop training materials in Materials Engineering
  • Evaluate each customer student’s situation
  • Provide customer students in different grades with appropriate proposal regarding their Materials Engineering goals and study plan
  • Coach and mentor customers in Materials Engineering fields or/and related area according to the customized proposal and study plan
  • Review assignments and give feedback before the next session
  • Set office hour twice a week, answer students’ questions
  • Provide consulting service to students majored in Materials Engineering
  • Review undergraduate and graduate student’s resume, cover letter, and provide feedback
  • Stay up-to-date with current Materials Engineering industry news and information
  • Perform related research and counselling duties as assigned by management
  • Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks


  • Must have Master's degree or higher in Materials Engineering
  • Deep knowledge of materials engineering (designing, processing, testing, etc.)
  • Deep knowledge of micro material (structure, properties, etc.)
  • Must have excellent communication skills in both Chinese and English
  • Enthusiasm in education and mentoring students
  • Excellent work values

Job Contact Information:

[email protected]